Friday, October 31, 2014

Customised Tours of Romania & Bulgaria, Tour Guide Romania

We are here to set up the best trip to Romania for you, a private tour by car, accompanied by an English speaking tour guide and driver. You will find more facts about us here.

Please ask us anything about traveling to Romania or Bulgaria and we will be happy to share with you some  fascinating stories about the historic sites, the environment, the architecture, or about the way of life in this wonderful side of South Eastern Europe.

Based on an experience of more than 10 years of tour guiding Romania and Bulgaria, our specialists will do their best to fulfill all your demands, needs, preferences and finally, you will get the best of our experience in organizing the private tours of Romania and Bulgaria.

We are looking forward to your future messages. Meanwhile, we will post on a weekly base some of the most beautiful  landscapes and people pictures from these countries.

Yours, - Team

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Voronet - Bukovina - Moldova

Arad Statue